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1. What are saponins?

Saponins are highly effective bioactive plant extracts. They reduce surface tension on the walls of human internal and external organs and help cleanse the body of toxic deposits. If we were to make an analogy, saponins are kitchen detergents that can easily clean dirty surfaces.

2. Where do you get these saponins from?

They are extracted from the plant Yucca Shidigera, a plant that grows in the deserts of Nevada and California. It’s extremely resistant to external environmental influences and grows to a height of up to 80cm.

Yucca Shidigera has the highest concentration of saponins, that’s why we use this plant to produce the strongest extract on the market.

3. Can I combine your products with prescribed medicine?

Our saponin supplements don’t interfere or hinder in any way or form your prescribed medicine intake.

4. Do the products have any side effects?

There are no side effects recorded. Even if you exceed the daily recommended dose, you’ll not experience any side effects.

5. Do you produce the supplements in-house?

Yes, we do. Our saponin line is manufactured in-house by our unique patented production method.

6. What are the benefits of using saponins?

The most noticeable benefits are lower cholesterol, healthier blood pressure and a healthier gut.

If you decide to take Diamond Yacca long-term, you’ll also experience better overall health, better absorption of nutrients, cleaner blood vessels and a healthier stomach too.

7. How long does the shipping take?

In 99% of all cases, the shipping takes up 3-7 days. If you don’t receive your order within this time frame, feel free to reach out and we’ll do everything to help you.

8. You have sent me the wrong product, what should I do?

In this case, send us a message through a social media, chat button, or an email and we’ll fix it.

8. I don’t like the product, can I return it?

Due to the nature of our products, we don’t accept returns. Please read product descriptions carefully before ordering.

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